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Ode to Wheels

Once a friend invited me to join him on a Sunday rollerblading tour. I had a pair of rollerblades somewhere deep in my closet that I never actually used (you know this “sales fever” when you buy something that you do not actually need), so the suggestion was timely.

In Paris there is a Sunday tour, one of the biggest in the world, by the way, which sees skaters from all backgrounds and at all levels. The tour goes under police escort, who stops the traffic while you are moving, so, be sure, you are safe. And the soft Parisian climate allows to skate almost the whole year.

When I think about my first experience, I can’t stop smiling. My friend dragged me for all the 22 kilometers (13.6 miles). I, at the same time, looking like a ninja turtle with all the protective pads, tried just to keep balance and not to fall. Well, despite of this first experience, far from being an easy one, I finally became a regular participant of the Sunday rollerblading tours. And now, for more than 5 years I spend most of my Sundays “on the wheels”.


So, if you don’t know what to do on Sunday in Paris, you can combine the useful with pleasant and put on your rollerblades! There is no any more unique way to visit Paris.


Alexandre III Bridge
The Seine
Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame de Paris
Eiffel Tower
Opera Garnier


The tour starts at Place de La Bastille at 2.30pm every Sunday. However, check the information on their website, to be sure it’s not cancelled. If you don’t have rollerblades, you can always rent them at the same place of departure.

After the tour we usually gather in a nearby restaurant “Chez Papa” with my “Sunday buddies”. A good beer after 22 kilometers of skating is a good reward. Our Sunday meetings became traditional, so that even when the tour is cancelled due to the bad weather, we still meet in this restaurant.



Roller skating makes you feel free and is considered to be an active and health-improving leisure. So be ready to get a big dose of endorphins. And skating with a like-minded group will bring you tones of bright and positive emotions.

And I finally created my Youtube channel, so from now on, you can also see me in a moving pictures.


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