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From The Old Files. Road Trip with Melifaro in The North of France

Well, let’s go back to the 2010, when, due to some administrative issues I got stuck in France. The cheerless prospect of staying in Paris for the vacation wasn’t for me. I desperately needed to change the scenery. And here it suddenly hit me: A Road Trip! Especially that Melifaro (my kitty) loves traveling by car.

We mostly took the small roads than highways to enjoy the landscapes. The most time of the 12 days of the trip we spent on the road staying in the towns only for the night. I have to admit that back in days I didn’t make “blog” pictures, just shot everything I saw. So you will not find here anything interesting other than my extraordinary hairstyle and some touristic photos like “me in front of…”.

The beauty of a road trip is the full freedom. You don’t need to plan anything and run after time. Well, actually I had a rough itinerary: from Lille (we had an appointment there with a local photographer) to go to Calais (very North) and following the seaside arrive to La Rochelle. And totally improvise on the interim stages.

Now it’s not easy to describe everything in details; it’s been a while and some geographical names got lost in my memory. Here is the list of the main points of our road trip:

Day 1: Lille

The local photographer Julien Dartois pictorialized my colorful braids.


Day 2: Dunkerque (Dunkirk) and Calais

Day 3: Dieppe

Day 4: Rouen – At first we were going to pass by the city really quickly. But when we saw all the churches and other amazing buildings, we decided to spend a day. Me and Melifaro, we have a tradition, when we visit a city, we take a touristic mini-train. Like this the kitty stands near the window and enjoys the view.

Day 5: Caen / Day 6: Dinan and St. Malo – Those three points will be interesting for people who love medieval cities.

Day 7: St. Brieuc, Perros-Guirec – Somewhere in between we, following the signs, found the ruins of the Abbey of Beauport (Abbaye de Beauport).

Day 8: Brest, Locronan, Pointe du Raz – Locronan is another medieval town, unfortunately for us, too crowded. Pointe du Raz – is the second most western point of France.

Day 9: Quimper, Concarneau, Glénan Islands (Les Îles Glénan) – While having breakfast in Quimper, we’ve got a plan. We had to race to the port of Concarneau to take a ferry to the Glénan Islands. The Islands were amazing! The Atlantic Ocean – marvellous! We were totally hypnotized by its dark blue waters.

Day 10: Carnac – The Carnac surroundings are known by an exceptionally dense collection of megalithic sites. One of the local legends says that those megaliths are warriors of the Roman Legion, turned into stones by Merlin.
Day 11: La Rochelle

Day 12: Fort Boyard, Île de Ré



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