Queens Are Born in February

I’d like to be a queen in people’s hearts, but I don’t see myself being a queen of this country.

Princess Diana of Wales


For about two month now, I am seeing the Facebook add with a hoodie: «Queens are born in February». Well, this one is easy; they see my birth date and hope for my vanity. The hoodies are not really my style, so there is no risk that I order any. But my curiosity made me to investigate a little, if it is true and the Queens are really born in February.

Let’s start from the definition of the word «queen». I looked through a number of dictionaries and here are the most frequent definitions:


  1. A woman who rules a country because she has been born into a royal family.
  2. A woman, who is married to a king.
  3. The most powerful piece on the board in the game if chess.
  4. In a set of playing cards, a card with a picture of a queen on it. (It is usually worth less than a king).
  5. Any woman who is considered to be the best in a group of similar women.
  6. Slang offensive: A gay man, especially an older man, whose way of behaving is noticeable and artificial.

Chess and card games have nothing to do with my research.

Gay men… well, let’s not include gay men in my article, maybe there are some “February queens” among them, but I know nothing about it.

There are also girls who call themselves “queens”, but most of them couldn’t even be a queen’s lap-dog. So they cannot be a part of the statistics as well.

Resuming: we have monarch women, wives of kings and “beauty queens”- even if the last ones are called “titleholders”, they still have crowns. I would also like to add to the list women who hold power, like presidents and prime-ministers.

I found about 416 ruling women, mentioned by the historians. I should precise that this number is very rough, since the real investigation could take me a lifetime. So, from those 416 I could only find 175 birthdates, as there is much more information about their death and coronations. The ancient times are covered with mystery, so the birth dates of 98 governesses is more then blurry, even the year is mentioned approximately. Almost the same picture appears in the middle ages: of 140 governesses I could only find 27 dates of birth. The new time and XX-XXI century governesses are easier to trace: from 38 of new time I could find birth dates of 28 (the other 10 are governesses of some tiny countries). And from XX-XXI century – 120 known of 140 women with power. So, with a little help of math, we have 20 governesses born in February out of 175 known. This is not that bad, and gives to the February girls the second place. First place belongs to the April girls (28) and, since we are giving the awards, the third place goes to the December girls (18).

Now, about the «beauty-queens». There are lots of beauty contests all over the world, so I narrowed my research down to the three world beauty pageants: Miss World, Miss Universe and relatively new, but still looking huge, Miss Earth. I just use the Wikipedia for the information, so some dates of birth are missing as well. But, out of the 134 titleholders (with known date of birth), there are only 13 February girls, which is the fourth place, after October (18), August (14) and December girls (14), if we take the statistics.

Well, most February girls are Aquarius, and Aquarius girls do not give any importance to such contests, they already know they are unique and, besides, they live in a different world. Frankly speaking, I have never finished watching any of the show of such kind. Generally I am getting bored after the first 20 minutes.

But the second place among the governesses is huge! Maybe I should try myself in the presidential elections?


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