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Melifaro: The Begining…

Real cats are survivalists. They’ve got it down to a fine art. What other animal gets fed, not because it’s useful, or guards the house, or sings, but because when it does get fed it looks pleased? And purrs. The purr is very important.

Terry Pratchett «The Unadulterated Cat»

Melifaro: the very first day in the new home.

By the time, I decided to have a cat, I’ve already had some experience (Melifaro is my third cat). I gave a lot of thoughts, before taking an animal into my life. That year was really volatile for me so I could hardly predict whether I’ll stay in France or go away somewhere.  Of course I was preparing to the worst and even found a possible new house for my future cat. I tried not to think about the fact that to separate me from him would cost me my heart. After all, I am not that pessimistic. So, the decision is made, now I need to find a cat!

I was obsessed with its fur color, it HAD to be red. Strange, right? Especially considering my hair color. Every time I called of one of the advertisement, it appeared that all the red cats had already gone (just now, literally 10 minutes ago, what a shame, bla bla bla). I didn’t give up and put up a notice myself: “looking for a kitten, with red fur not older than 10 weeks”. Lo and behold! 2 hours later, someone contacted me with a male kitten, just turned 10 weeks old, I just need to come and take it. Of course, as everything in Europe, not for free. But, after all, 120€ seemed correct to me for a vaccinated kitten.

10 days later – a grown-up face

So, the next day, on the 4th of November, 2008, I solemnly arrived to the right address to take the little one. Without long bows and scrapes, I gave money, took the kitty and left. Now I know that if the kitty (or any other animal) is vaccinated, there has to be a medical record book, which, of course I didn’t get from the “owners”. So saying, we fooled you, but take a word. Now remembering all the details, I can see that there were some strange things, like, for example, the mother-cat wasn’t there. I am still thinking that those people stole the kitten from somewhere.

Later, in the car, I was playing with the kitty and once he turned on his back I got terrified. The kitten was covered with fleas!! I tried to call the “owners” and wasn’t even surprised to get to the voicemail, even though we’ve just left. Well, I left a message where I told them what I think about animal abuse in general and about them particularly. In response I’ve got a text (A TEXT!!! They didn’t even have enough nerve to answer the phone!) “If you change your mind, we’ll take the kitten and give you money back”. It goes without saying that I didn’t give the kitty back, with that amount of fleas on his tiny body, he’d be dead in a week. I could barely refrain myself from a rude answer. Well I am sure, that money will not give them happiness…

Next day, when I took him to the vet, the vet said that the kitty was younger than 10 weeks. I cannot say I was surprised. Good thing is that he could eat by himself. But the little thing stuck to me permanently and made sabotages when I left the house even for an hour. In a couple of weeks the kitty grew a little and became independent.

The name Melifaro comes from a character in the books by Max Frei. He was redhead; he moved a lot and was always in a good mood. Well, ok, the kitty doesn’t show too much happiness on his face, he often looks at the world with quiet, self-satisfied malevolence.


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