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Medieval Tale

Once upon a time, I went to a Christmas Market in a small town, called Provins. What’s unusual here? – you may ask. Well, that’s true, Christmas Markets are common in Europe, but in Provins it is special, you travel in time and you find yourself in the Medieval Age. All this is just 40 miles southward of Paris.

The Old city center is surrounded by well-preserved city walls almost 1300 yards long and consists of 22 fortification towers of different shapes (1226-1314 years). And inside the walls there is a parallel world: medieval costumes, fantasy characters, music, drinks, food. The artisans and craftsmen from all over the world offer you all the diversity of the goods: cheese, wine, armor, clothes, jewelry…

Later on I found out that Provins is also famous by its annual Medieval Festival, and of course, I became a regular guest there. I made some costumes to fit the spirit, since it’s much more exciting to participate then to be just a visitor.

Everyone interested can compete in archery, visit a Viking village or assist to a blacksmith, as well as partake of the medieval food in numerous taverns, taste ancient wines, learn how to dance medieval dances, speak to elves and other fantasy creatures. Doubtless, you’ll keep a part of this amazing day forever.

To my regret I do not have too many pictures, since I preferred to enjoy the spirit then to make a report, but here are some pictures of different years to help you to make an idea.

Me and my friends during different years of Festival



I’d also like to highlight the shows of Provins, which take place during the whole year, not only during the events. The Legend of Rose of Provins – is an amazing equestrian performance, bringing us to the time of knights and ladies. And the bird show – the avian world of the predators, really close to the spectators.



And to finish – a huge parade gathering all the costumes of the festival.




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