Looking for the missing muse or how to overcome the writer’s block.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.


My site is recent, but good to know that I already have faithful followers. I’d like to announce that I am not kidnapped or disappeared; I am just looking for my missing muse. Nothing foretoken this, but apparently my whining and self-pity (yeah, I’ve got the reason) kicked her away really fast. Though, graphomania is my favorite disease. So to my sorrow, I had to stop temporarily some projects.

Of course, I didn’t miss my muse until my readers alarmed me that I hadn’t set my foot onto my site for almost two months. Here I realized that the writer’s block is here and it’s strong. In order to overcome it, I studied a lot: I read tones of articles in all the languages that I can understand to find out what it is and how to fix it! There is the only sure thing: it’s all too individual, that there is no any unique remedy for it. So here are the results of my researches.

Writer’s block is a temporary condition, in which author loses the ability to produce new work, the creative process freezes completely, ideas are not staying in mind and you inspiration is gone officially missing. The equivalents in Russian and French also describe this condition perfectly: Creativity crisis in Russian and the Blanc Page Syndrome in French.

The loss of inspiration can be caused by the weariness, stress, unwellness, financial burden, or just a simple laziness. I am aware of the reasons of my block, but the point is not here, so let’s not scare away my muse again. Let me better tell you about some ways to overcome the block.

  1. Going for a walk

This is one of the most harmless ways to overcome the writer’s block. Pleasant walk could help you to get your thoughts together and might facilitate the arrival of the new ideas. Also during the walk, your brain gets oxygen, which activate its work. Well, of course, if your walk doesn’t go through the industrial zones.

  1. Physical activities

Not necessarily crucibles of the working out, monkey bars, dumb-bells or other heavy weights. Try go jogging or ride a bike. Out of my experience – the harder, the better. The harder your workout is, the fewer thoughts you keep in mind. And that makes a lot of space for the new ideas just after workout.

  1. Task switching

Just temporarily try some other activity. For instance, wash the dishes, clean your flat. Or deal with that mess on your table at last! This way is helpful when your writer’s block takes just a couple of days – not efficient for the long periods.

  1. Brainstorming

Oh, yeah, this way was described in sooo many books! Officially, this is one of the most efficient ways. You just write whatever passes by your mind. Ideas, thoughts, links. Even if it looks ridiculous at the first glance – don’t think, just write everything down. Finally it will distract you a bit and, if you are lucky, even entertain you, so in any case that wouldn’t be a total waste of time. Consequently, you could generate a couple of worthy ideas, or maybe even inspire yourself for something new.

  1. Friends

There are countless ways. Call an old friend, spend some time in a pleasant company with nice people, or come at your neighbor’s for a glass of wine. Each person has his unique experience and his own stories. A simple casual talk could bring your missing inspiration back.

  1. Change your environment

Very often we just need to change the environment to overcome the writer’s block. Well, I understand, that not eveyone can just abandon everything and fly, say, to Bali. But you can take your laptop (or a notebook and a pencil – for the conservative people) and go to a nice place. Like a park, if the weather is pleasant. Or, you can imagine yourself a famous writer like Hemingway, and go to a bistro, take a coffee and enjoy it while watching people come and go, imagining their stories and creating yours.

I suppose there are much more ways to overcome the block, all written above worked pretty well for me. It might be different for you. As I said before, everything is personal.

The following will NOT help you to overcome the writer’s block:

  • Self-pity (this could enforce the crisis and put you in suck a hole, that would make impossible to write again)
  • Refusing to write until you feel “inspired.” (you might never find your inspiration like this)
  • Watch TV (by my personal experience, I didn’t find my muse while watching TV-Shows)
  • Look for the reasons of your block, instead of just writing something (same as self-pity – never worked)

Resuming, the best way to overcome the writer’s block is to start writing. Stupidly, scrappily, randomly – whatever comes in your mind.

Just. Start. Writing.

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