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Note to Myself: How to Always Look Fabulous

Nowadays it is necessary to look fabulous whatever happens. And life is moving so fast that it is hard to relax even a bit.

So, how to look fabulous in any situation?

How many alarms do you set each morning? Personally, I set at least two alarms. Let’s be honest, we are all guilty of hitting snooze. So I also have a cat, who starts to annoy me with the paw hitting once the first alarm rings. The cat saves me from being late really often. Now ask yourself, how many times you woke up 10 minutes before leaving to work, running around the house trying to get dressed, drink your coffee and put some make-up at the same time? Right! So whatever tempting the idea seems, do not set several alarms and try to get up with the first one. Give yourself enough time to wake up, make and take breakfast, take care of your hair and make-up and to get ready to shine.

In order to enjoy your morning, plan in the evening what to wear the next day. This is simple, when you are all set in advance, your outfit has much more chances to be perfect. Plan everything, even the underwear, to be sure, for instance, that the lace will not be visible through the tight dress.

An evident thing worth mentioning: chose an outfit of your size. I think, every girl has a pair of jeans which she dreams to fit in, but let’s leave them in the wardrobe for the motivation.

While planning an outfit, do not forget about the accessories. We often forget those tiny things, but they often complete the whole image. But go easy, as Coco Chanel said, when you chose the accessories, remove the last one that you put on. Stylish women know when it is enough.


There are, inevitably, days when we just don’t feel like caring. For those days, I suggest to have in mind three or four chic-but-simple outfits for every season. So that even in the moments of weakness you remain stylish and chic.

Another evident thing, that we do not follow all the time: always fold and hang your clothes. This helps your wardrobe look tidy. And try to change into “house clothes” once you are at home, you’ll feel more comfortable and keep our “outdoor clothes” in a better condition.

Every woman must have a so-called “fashion kit”. A safety pin, needle and a thread – to repair your clothes, nail polish – for the stockings, a Band-Aid for the new shoes, etc. Remember, even the most stylish girls can have accidents.


It is also cool to follow some famous fashion icons, or style bloggers. Get inspired by stylish people, but do not completely copy the outfits. Try to choose your style according to your body type. You risk to look ridiculous in the stylish clothes that doesn’t suit you.

Some girls mistakenly think that to be stylish you need to be rich, or to have a perfect body (better both). But this is not true, and the modern style icons are the best prove to it.

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