Events and Destinations

Here are my future destinations and the events I am attending.

Obviously, the plan is not fixed. It can change every day, so stay tuned and follow the changes. However, feel free to contact me for any project. I might consider scheduling some time for it. Please, to make our collaboration easier, send me your proposition, your book link (or examples of your work), project description and, if possible, a mood board (for shoots).

Date Event Place My Presence
2 October 2017 Defile Jean Song Paris, France Confirmed
6 October 2017 Furies & Thrashback (concert) Conflans-Sainte-Honorine Confirmed
11-15 October 2017 Fête des Vendanges Montmartre Paris, France Confirmed
25 November 2017 Noël au chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte France Confirmed


Date Event Place My Presence
11 February 2018 Carnival Brazil Brazil
13 February 2018 Carnival Venezia Venezia, Italy
2 or 31 March 2018 Full Moon Party Koh Phangan, Thailand
13-22 April 2018 Coachella USA
28 May 2018 Fêtes Galantes Versailles, France
28 May 2018 Midburn Israel
20 August 2018 Burning Man USA