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“In the throes of composition” or how I created the website.


I got to tell you, the life of the mind, there is no road map for that territory. Exploring it can be painful. A kind of pain most people don’t know anything about.

Barton Fink – “Barton Fink”, the movie

The year 2016 was rather calm – I didn’t have too many of opportunities to trot the globe and was bored with local parties. So I finally got some time to start.

Well then, multilingual site. Where to begin?

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Let’s start from the website. Of course, as any newbie, at first I visited all the links to websites with templates like WIX. After spending the whole day, I realized that it was not exactly what I looked for. I didn’t want to edit the existing template, especially when it is almost impossible to add some elements not presented in the library… With the same question coming over and over again: do I really want to continue? Hmm… Ok, let’s put it aside for a while.

I’d better try to write some texts: introduction and description. The beginning was promising! I was full of inspiration, enthusiasm and proud of myself. Settling down all the mayhem of thoughts, the “about me” section was written in a short time. My brain was happy, looking for the quotes, refreshing some books in mind (as a bonus, I made a list of books that might be interesting to read in future). So the day was really efficient.

And here comes the showstopper: I’ve got completely lost in translation. The two other languages required to rewrite all from the beginning, since the phrase-composing didn’t want to become a textual unity. I am fluent in all the three languages, I even think in all of them (depends on the situation and the environment), but surprisingly it becomes a real challenge when I need to make a translation. So it coasted me some linguistic convulsions and a lot of hesitations to quit. But then, while writing “main lines” page, I’ve developed a strategy: to write in any language which is in my head at the moment, and add some more in others later. Finally, it all came up together even though sometimes I feel like after the translation the article may lose its original charm. Let’s hope that in the course of time it will all work out.

Texts are written, some projects started, so I couldn’t postpone the creation of the website anymore. My throes of composition began. It seems that nowadays anyone can “draw” a website, even my cat, as they say “where there is a will, there is a way”. (I assure you, Melifaro doesn’t have such a will, and this is the only reason he doesn’t have his own website). I decided to do everything by myself, not using the ready templates. I have a university degree, I speak 5 languages, why wouldn’t I be able to learn how to code? I searched the forums, articles, downloaded tones of the trial versions of different programs, and finally started. Despite, that I have some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, I had to start over and over again, since it wasn’t enough to make a website. Of course it didn’t add any motivation to me. Especially that I wasn’t able to visualize the final result, so it made my work even more complicated, since I had to remake every page several times by just making tests. Resuming, making a website was much harder than I could ever imagine, but I am really proud of myself because I DID IT!

I am aware, there is still a lot of work to do, but in general I am happy with the result.

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