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Catlike Pleasures

My life became much more fun with Melifaro’s arrival in the house. Being a curious and courageous kitten, he was always poised to the new adventures feeling absolutely comfortable wearing a leash. Moreover, I only need to put his collar on and he runs straight to the door, making sure to not be forgotten at home. We used to walk a lot around the city, going to parks and even travelling by car. Back then we crossed together half of Europe by car.

But, a cat is not a dog (thanks, cap), and the cat does not always go into the right direction. So, to save time, I always had a shoulder bag to carry him around. He was ok with this way of travel as well. Travel in his own way, I have to say. Standing on the board of the bag with his forefeet, he loved to observe the surroundings and passersby. When Melifaro grew older, he became too heavy to be carried in the bag.

To keep the opportunity to discover the outer world for Melifaro, I bought a cat stroller. Now, when we are out, all the eyes are on us! People in Paris are not used to such a thing. And Melifaro solemnizes the moment by sitting in the stroller like a king, disdainfully looking at people, who happen to get attracted by such a picture.

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