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Posts published in “His Majesty With Tail”

I have a cat. (Actually, he has me)
Of course, it is impossible not to cover such an important person in my life. I rely on your good offices – here is Melifaro ! He is my cat I am his human. His charismatic face won all the hearts (even those who were not the cat persons before)

Where The Rainbow Ends

In most cases, when the word "vacation" is used, we immediately imagine palm trees, sunshine, fine sand and turquoise sea. Melifaro is not a big fan of this kind of vacation, so the idea of going to the mountains of Auvergne, he took with enthusiasm. Well, at least he didn't mind and even behaved with dignity almost all the way. Especially since we went to visit our friends in a place with the "kitty-like" name Les Felines.