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The Art of Seeing Into Art

Here are some tips how to trick people into thinking that you are an expert in art.

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Note to Myself: How to Always Look Fabulous

Nowadays it is necessary to look fabulous whatever happens. And life is moving so fast that it is hard to relax even a bit. So, how to look fabulous in any situation? How many alarms do you set each morning? Personally, I set at least two alarms. Let’s be honest, we are all guilty of […]

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You Can’t Get Too Much Winter In The Winter

I was born and grew up in Siberia, so I am more than familiar with snow. But in Paris, unfortunately, the snow is a rare event and it never gets to the ground. In the nostalgic moments, I always go to Alps Mountains to see the show. Briançon

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Winter dream

It is still impossible to go back to the reality after the New Year Holidays.

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Explanations, Excuses and Promises.

To my regret, I haven’t posted too many articles since my site got online. I mostly spent the year correcting the codes to make the appearance of the site more “readable”. I also spent a lot of time trying to put some order in all the notes I’ve got – about two notebooks with random […]

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Catlike Pleasures

My life became much more fun with Melifaro’s arrival in the house. Being a curious and courageous kitten, he was always poised to the new adventures feeling absolutely comfortable wearing a leash. Moreover, I only need to put his collar on and he runs straight to the door, making sure to not be forgotten at […]

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Lady in Black

Photo: A. Bayar
Paris, France

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Trick or Treat!

When I was young I really appreciated this holiday. My everyday style was really gothic, with all my black make up, contact lenses and a gloomy look. So this day was the only one when people didn’t look at me strangely. Now I go to the costumed parties very often, so for me Halloween is a day of the “scary costumes”: ghosts, vampires, zombies and witches.

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From The Old Files. Road Trip with Melifaro in The North of France

Day 1: Lille The local photographer Julien Dartois pictorialized my colorful braids.   Day 2: Dunkerque (Dunkirk) and Calais Day 3: Dieppe Day 4: Rouen – At first we were going to pass by the city really quickly. But when we saw all the churches and other amazing buildings, we decided to spend a day. […]

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