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Bavarian Beer-Tour, or How I Got Allergic to Beer

“One glass in the morning,” said George, “one in the evening, or even two. That will do no harm to anyone.”
Maybe he was right. It was his half-dozen glasses that troubled Harris and myself.

Jerome K. Jerome «Three Men On The Bummel»

So as you could guess, this story is about beer. Well, about beer and a road trip. But mostly about beer…

I have a good friend. We met at The First European Manowar Fan Convention, and became friends over our mutual love for Manowar music. So since then (the convention took place in 2005 in Geiselwind, Germany), we have this long-distance friendship. We don’t actually keep too much in touch, not even call each other to say Happy Birthday. But once the occasion comes, like an alcoholic-touristic adventure, here comes our tandem! This time wasn’t an exception. One day, my phone rang:

– Hey, Ginger, what’s up? – the phone spoke with my friend’s voice

– Where are we going to this time? – I answered, full of enthusiasm.

– I’ve got a map of the breweries in Bavaria, are you in?

– Already packing my suitcase!!!!

Well, this pretty much is the story. Nothing to add, since the rest of it is our traditional time-proved plan: we meet at the airport, this time in Munich, Germany (we usually arrive from different countries), we drink a glass or two of beers to celebrate the meeting, rent a car, take the map and… let’s roll!!!

Here is the approximate road, most of it, not mentioning some “shortcuts” like: “Oh, look, there is a Brauhaus (brewery in German) at the left, let’s go there!”

Day 1: Munich – Fresing – Ingolstadt – Nuremberg – Bamberg

As always at the beginning of the trip we are full of expectations. First stop: Freising.

We stopped for the night at Bamberg and visited the town in the dark.

Ok, last beer and go to bed!

Day 2: Burgwindheim – Schlüsselfeld – Geiselwind – Rothenburg ob der Tauber – Bad Windsheim

In the morning, as usual, we are determined to move on.

The brewery in Burgwindheim was still closed (see the pic), but they opened especially for us. What a luck! I should mention some cute and funny stuff like those hedgehogs, which are everywhere on the widows and tables in Bavaria.

And, of course we couldn’t miss this “historical” place, from where all our adventures started years ago.

Ancient walls as I love them

We also made some visiting, since we are not just banal alcoholics, we also need to enrich our general culture. So it happened that on the way laid a very cute Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Then we quickly jumped into a lake to refresh ourselves and arrived to Bad Windsheim for the night.

Day 3: Pahres – Ebing – Tiefeneller – Ebensfeld – Kulmbach – Oberaisfeld

Right after the breakfast we found ourselves in Pahres, wondering around this strange fountain. Looks like some brewery equipment.

Then there were two “funny” for Russian speakers towns – Ebing and Ebensfeld. We spent some more time in Tiefeneller just to have a rest a bit. Well, not only to rest.

This day we planned to “culturize” ourselves in Kulmbach, since there is a very nice castle. And lucky as we are, we also got pleasure to participate in a local Beer-Festival, which took place exactly the same day we passed by the town.


Day 4: Way back to Munich

Soon or later any adventure comes to its end.

The last day of our trip is mostly the road back to Munich. With some improvised stops and the traditional “oh, look, Brauhaus, let’s get in!”
A surprising thing in Bavaria is the quantity of traditional dresses. It looks like they even go for a work dressed like that.

Well, with all the improvisation, we missed the plane. MY plane, to be more exact, but this is another story…

On The Road


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