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About me

Hello, everybody! I am Irina Markiza, at least most of my real and virtual friends know me under this name. I am a Russian girl who has been living in Paris for more than 10 years. I came here, and learned how to survive in a foreign country all by myself. Despite all the difficulties of adaptation, mentality differences and absolutely not speaking French language, I survived. First plan was to write so called a Survival Guide in an Outland: “Miseries and Difficulties of a Russian Girl in Paris”, but finally it didn’t come together.

I am keen on all and everything: I travel a lot, discover new cultures, love languages, addicted to videogames (though I am trying to limit the time of playing). I can sew, embroider and knit, but don’t like it that much since I can’t really sit still. However, I spend half of my life reading – that explains the number of quotes and citations in my texts. It is impossible for me to be cooped up indoors – I always need to go out somewhere. By the way, I enjoy walking a lot, but absolutely indifferent to a “serious working out”. I learn pretty much fast and can master some basic skills in almost any field of activity. For the astrology-lovers, I am Aquarius.

Long time ago I started writing online-report about my life, but only in Russian. More time passed, more private things appeared, so the blog became a diary and I had to shut it down for that reason.

For quite a while I had this idea of a multilingual blog in my head. Sometimes you wish to discuss something, or make an inquiry, or just having some thoughts about something that you want to share. And, besides, it’s much more interesting to have the opponents all around the world (different mentality, education, lifestyle, etc) – opinions differ, as they say. But with time it seemed to me that my life might not be that interesting for sharing. And here came my confusion, because a TV editor wanted to make coverage on Markiza’s life. Well, why not, if it could interest anyone. It is worth noting, that it was more than painstaking to create this site. I couldn’t figure out how to attack it at first. So it took me a year and a half, or more to finally start. I was afraid to quit really fast, as I am a lazy and irresponsible person. Nevertheless, here we are, at last!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,… drums… Let me proudly present my blog:

«Noblesse Oblige» !!!

I must say that there is the only one rule here – no insults! Your opinion, even if it’s completely opposite to mine is taken into consideration, and even has its right to exist. Controversies are welcome only with arguments and proof links. You can even express yourself with swearwords if it’s necessary to connotate some statements, but avoid personalities and insults. For a slightest abuse – banned! I don’t have time for your low self-esteem, primal traumas, complexes and who knows what else provokes people to start “sofa wars”. So saying, Noblesse Oblige.