35 Years Of Being Awesome!

Do grown men always have to play games? Does everything have to be an excuse for another kind of game? Do any men grow up or do they only come of age?

Stephen King “The Gunslinger”


In celebration of my next Birthday, I wanted to dash off a brief description of my life. But, after thinking, there were so many bends on my walk of life, so it appears to be the whole book. Maybe even in several volumes. So my reader will have to wait for the details.

So many things befell me during those years. What have changed? Actually, nothing! I still believe in miracles, even if there is much more of cynicism in my thoughts. I still like people, even if more and more remotely now. I still stay young and childish, even if my passport shows that I am 35.

I am lucky to have my guardian-angel, who always sends me right people and right event when needed.

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