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Explanations, Excuses and Promises.

To my regret, I haven’t posted too many articles since my site got online. I mostly spent the year correcting the codes to make the appearance of the site more “readable”. I also spent a lot of time trying to put some order in all the notes I’ve got – about two notebooks with random drafts and thoughts needed to be transformed into a connected text. Besides, I went through private archives in order to share some events in future. Past events, for sure, but still interesting ones.

I must admit, when I started my site first, I saw it as something easy. I thought, I just needed to launch it and everything would play itself out. In reality, I only published 18 articles this year. I realized that it takes a week to write an article. First, because I still go to my daytime work. Second, I am easily distracted. So sometimes instead of just checking the correct quote in the internet, I read deep into the night, finding some links and facts. So, as a result, I download a book and put aside the article till I finish reading that book. Third, after finishing an article in one language I cannot start translations immediately. I need some time to breathe, and, frankly speaking, I really hate to rewrite the same text two more times even in different languages.

And worst that could happen to a writer, happened in March. I never thought that I could suffer from a writer’s block. I used to write all the time before creating my website. So, my site was on standby for a couple of month. Right till the time that I decided to write about this crisis.

In fact, having a blog is a really hard, full-time, 24/7 job. But, despite all those obstacles, I managed to get some audience. According to the statistics, my site had more than 2500 visitors from 77 countries. That’s pretty unexpected; taking into consideration occasionally posted articles.

From now on, I will try to publish at least an article per week. Let it be the only resolution for the 2018. I hope to have a quickly growing audience and more opened discussions in the comments. In order to stay tuned, subscribe to the newsletter on the bottom of the page. Happy New Year!

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