Noblesse Oblige – is a trilingual website (English, Russian, French), where all the aspects of my life are gathered alltogether. Here you can find articles about my cultural and social life, entertainments, adventures, photoshoots,  time-travelling events, photos, videos, funny stories, traveling, luxury parties and just some everyday life events.

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This site is not for the mediocre readers.

Being sometimes too straightforward, I can easily hurt sensitive persons and provoke some mental embarrassments. And I am not even speaking about people with a burning sense of justice. But, you should understand that in my realm, is my religion, as they say “When in Rome, live as the Romans do”. That doesn’t mean that you cannot have your own opinion, in the contrary, I thirst to start a discussion.

I can only advise you to take everything with humour, otherwise I cannot take the consequences.

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